Puppies born 13. July 2015

Mother:  Kouros Unexpected - "Aida"

Father:    Kouros You Make me Feel - "Mickey"


3 males, 5 females

colours black, black/tan, black/brindle, brindle, domino, gold with masc


serious inquiries welcome!

Puppies 7 Weeks

The puppies are now 7 weeks old

- time to play and time to make the first personal fotosession!


Female Black and Brindle - Adele

Female Gold

Female Domino

Female Brindle

Female BlACK-TAN - "Jasmine" Kouros Grande Amore

Male Black 1

Male Black 2 - Kouros Tunnel of Love

Male Black 3

Puppies 5 Weeks - playing makes soooo tired

Puppies 4 Weeks - first time out in the garden

Puppies 3 Weeks

Puppies 2 Week

Puppies 1 Week

Puppies 1 Day